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POOPpeepers.com is Not merely a website. It is an INSTITUTION.

Please enter it with Complete Seriousness of the Purpose. POOPpeepers.com or Vaidyaraj Anil & family Do Not Claim to have a ‘Magic Bullet’ for Acute & Chronic Psychiatric Issues inundating the Human-kind.

Our Performance depicted in multiples of 100s of our Client Feedbacks displayed here, far outreach that of the Mental Health Institutions anywhere in the World. We Do Not seek the feedbacks, & there may very well be 1000s more, where by we have touched lives positively.

Your Time, Attention & Wisdom as a Care-Giver is what we Demand. There is No Scope of Exhaustion or Giving up without ‘Educated Efforts’. Failure with us, may mean a valuable life failed forever.
The same advise goes for IBS , IBD, Ulcerative Colitis cases.

Parents with ADHD , ASD Kids – Stay away from introducing Chemical Based Drugs to your Child. If you already have, there is a Protocol suggested here to taper-off with Gut Support. Do Not be Over-Zealous with tapering off due to potential withdrawal symptoms. Our Videos & the ‘Ultimate Post’ need to be consumed & referred to multiples of times. No complacency. Study & make notes out of both.

If you Do Not have it in you, excuse yourself Now.


Follow the Steps Below for All Mental Spectrum Issues :

Step 1 - Read the following Article :

Vaidyaraj Anil’s Gba Drops and Treatment Protocol are Same for All Mental Spectrum Issues from Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Bipolar, ADHD to Schizophrenia & Psychosis. Study the Gba Basis Article below to understand how the Gut Brain Axis works.

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Step 2 - Study Vaidyaraj Anil's Video(s) below specific to your case.

Video 1 - Schizophrenia King (HINDI). Concept to Dosages fully Explained. Same Video is for Depression Anxiety OCD BiPolar & All Mental Issues.

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Video 2 - Schizophrenia King (ENGLISH). Concept to Dosages fully Explained. Same Video is for Depression Anxiety OCD BiPolar & All Mental Issues.

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Note: This is an Auto-Generated Transcript of the video, so there can be some chance of errors. Read while Keeping this in mind.

Dear friends, this is Vaidyaraj Anil from Delhi, India. Today, I’m going to reveal a real and effective solution for schizophrenia and all mental spectrum issues, including child ADHD, adult ADHD, depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar disorder, OCD—you name it. This innovation of mine, which I call the Gut Brain Access Drops, is made from certain parts of the banyan tree by my own process. It’s handmade by my family and me, and it has no side effects—absolutely none. It is the world’s most effective and safe probiotic.

Now, why do I say this? There are many probiotics worldwide—thousands in Europe, America, and hundreds in India. Why do I call it the best probiotic? Generally, available probiotics have an immense amount of live bacteria, singular in nature. There could be one or maximum two bacteria, and they’re in such excessive numbers that they skew or mess up the gut eventually. My Gut Brain Access has no live bacteria. The mother extract, the Gut Brain Excess, has been proven to kill pathogens, the disease-causing bacteria. This is evidence-based medicine.

I am happy to share that almost 100% of young individuals between the ages of 18 to 35, suffering from schizophrenia, have benefited from Gut Brain Excess drops. The benefit is up to 20% within 10 to 25 days—historical data supports this. We are ready to provide contact information for these well-placed, educated families for verification.

I used to call myself the psoriasis king, dealing with the toughest skin disease. You can search for Vaidyaraj Anil on Google for more information. I’m proud to call myself the Gut King and the Schizophrenia King due to the success of my product.

Mental spectrum issues, including schizophrenia and ADHD, get messed up by false science and false medicines of psychiatry. Psychiatric medicines have adversely affected individuals’ lives. I urge anyone experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, bipolar, ADHD, or schizophrenia not to go for psychiatric medicines. They cumulatively accumulate toxicity, damaging the brain, making life difficult. The solution is with me, but I’m not widely known. Kindly spread the word once you benefit, as that will be the fee you owe to me and the additional service to society.

Many have been helped, but few share their success publicly. My request is that once you benefit from Gut Brain Access Drops in difficult cases, make it a habit to tell at least five to ten people without revealing your own case. It’s not just for my business; it’s a noble cause.

If you search for Gut Brain Access on my YouTube channels, you’ll find videos from Yale, Howard’s, John Hopkins, and others who understand the theory but lack the solution. Companies in the USA claim to have probiotic solutions, but they don’t. I have it, and I hope you get help like many others.

Psychiatric drugs are not good for the brain. The brain is protected by the skull and the blood-brain barrier, which prevents toxicity from entering. Psychiatric drugs, designed by a Trojan horse theory, fool the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain.

Nature has safeguarded the brain, preventing anything from entering it. Psychiatric drugs for depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, or any other mental spectrum issue are not meant to be in the brain. The brain, a dark and mysterious organ, is like throwing arrows into the dark when these drugs enter, causing damage.

Spread the word that psychiatric medicines are highly poisonous and toxic, and psychiatry is a false science. Vedira Janel from Delhi has shared this insight. Mother Nature has designed a solution—correct the second brain, the gut. Through the nervous system of the large intestine and the superhighway known as the vagus nerve, you can cure your brain and any mental spectrum issues. It’s called the Gut Brain Access.

The parallel system of nerves from the gut to the brain processes all the nutrients required for the brain. Dopamine, serotonin, and other essential substances are made in the gut and sent to the brain through the circulatory system. Instead of taking chemical medicines for mental spectrum issues, which is like throwing arrows into the dark, turn to the proven and effective product—Gut Brain Access Drops. The success rate is almost 100%, historically excellent.

For ADHD and schizophrenia, the success rate is remarkable because there’s someone in the family taking care of the individual. The movement of the child or adult in ADHD cases or the family member taking care of someone with schizophrenia aids in the early detection of benefits. However, for other mental spectrum issues like depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, and bipolar disorder, where the person themselves is suffering, the success rate may not be as high. The challenge lies in the individual’s ability to comprehend and decide for themselves.

The Gut Brain Access Drops are a game-changer and paradigm shift for all mental disorders globally. The results are almost 100% only in ADHD and schizophrenia cases, where there’s active family involvement. Encourage those with other mental spectrum issues to involve a family member in discussions for better understanding and support.

I hope I’m able to explain myself. So, my insist request, or you know, request, or a suggestion, or assertion for you is that if somebody is suffering from other, quote-unquote, mental disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar, and all these others than schizophrenia and ADHD, you guys must talk to me rather and help the person who is suffering. Because, first of all, he/she would not be able to comprehend. They may be confident; they may be talking right. But let me tell you, guys don’t know that when somebody is having psychiatric medicine, he/she becomes a new you, a new person, before image, after image. He might look normal to you, but there is a difference. So kindly help such people. It’s not easy. We have to increase the success rate from 50 to 90. But in the case of schizophrenia, ADHD, the caregiver is there, the person observing the person is there, taking care of the person is there. So I would insist that in other cases also, please come forth and not just make them work alone all by themselves because the observation has to be made. Then, you know, because they won’t be able to decide sometimes. This is all out of experience.

Now, the thing is, why gut is important for the people who don’t know, you can always go to YouTube and Google search and find out. See what do we do for our bodies if I may ask. We just eat and drink. Very few people go for exercise, but generally, we just simply eat and drink. Now, if you watch in an office, you will see 20 people, 10 people, 2 people, 100 people, 1000 people working for you or for your company. So there are workers, actually. And what do you think this body, this greatest stuff, I would say thing or whatever you want to say it, do you think it is working all by itself just because you are eating and drinking? No, there are workers in there. And you will be surprised to know that there are 100 trillion workers working within our body for us every second of the day. And these are live and very wise, even wiser than us humans. They have got the wisdom of the ages in terms of the gut microbiome. These are the master chefs which are there in our gut which actually see when we eat food, we chew it. Then it goes into the esophagus, the food pipe into the stomach. Again, it gets made, you know, all meshed up and all mushy. Then from there, it goes into the small intestine, a very long one. There also it gets processed. Okay, it’s just like in a hotel when you see vegetables getting chopped for the final making by a master chef. So all these are small chefs which are working and preparing the food that you’re eating as a raw material to work upon. Once they reach the gut, which is the colon or the large intestine, which is around five to seven feet before, you know, just before the faeces comes out. Okay, so these workers, they work on all the food and everything that comes in, all chopped up, and they create a buffet, a great buffet of food, different kinds, all kinds. And these wise guys, 100 trillions of them, they, like bacteria, their genetic, their genes are like millions of genes. The genetic code is so strong, the DNA is so strong, much stronger than the human genes, which are just forty thousand. Here, there are five million, maybe. So they’re more wise. And the thing is, all that food that is there in the buffet gets tagged by the genetic code and is sent to every cell of the human body in every organ. That is how gut is the most important thing because it is the actual thing which is actually running the whole body and most of all, the brain. All by way of food as well as by way of all the emotions going as a signal through the nervous system, through the vagus nerves and correcting the brain. So that is the importance of gut and probiotics too, which are there with the live bacteria. There are a huge quantity of imposed, huge singular bacterias. So they skew up. Okay, that, you know, these, what you call, the bacterias which are there in the gut, they, you know, you will find more of them of one kind if you are taking those probiotics, which actually we create, will not create a very wholesome and complete buffet for the whole body. And that is how the body becomes weak or the organs become weak and they get damaged because of the lack of those nutrients. Because, you know, somebody’s putting, say, chemicals into it. So if you are putting chemicals or even these probiotics also, the skew of the whole process. Now, what my liquid extract does is that GBA, cut brain access does is that it is proven certified by the most respectable Shirenam Institute for Industrial Research, Microbiology Division, to basically kill certain pathogens like which are super bugs declared like MRSA, E. coli, Pseudomonas, and in a very natural way. Because these are, this is, it’s not chemical. So anytime you use nature, you know, to basically correct nature, there is never a side effect. And what it does is that this gut has got, is supposed to have 75 good bacteria and 15 bad bacteria. Bad bacteria are also needed. So once, and if the bad bacteria increase, then, you know, the mental spectrum issues happen and also the body gets weakened. And how would you know that with my GBA drop, you know, things are getting like, it is working for the cut? Let me tell you. Your the status of your gut is reflected in your faces, in your poop. That is why the website of mine with the GBA drops is called poop peoples.com. I ask the mom and the person himself or the parents to always look at the poop. And there is a chart called Bristol chart. You can find it on Google where the types of poops, the color, the shape, everything is given. You’ll be surprised to know that, you know, anybody who has got depression, that means the poop is dark, is black. So depression. So you’ll, you will see that, you know, the, as soon as the color and this and the quality of the poop, you know, with respect to the chart improves, you will see the brain also improving in the case of ADHD and schizophrenia within 40 ml of our product. 40 ml is around, I would say, 210 drops. You should see the changes even if the person is taking psychiatric medicines and as chronic case as possible. And let me tell you, if God forbid, the result doesn’t come in 40 ml, let me tell you, you won’t be able to find a solution anywhere in the world. I’m just saying. I’m not saying it. You know, kindly do not take me wrong. You have to succeed in this because nobody can make, I know. See, whatever I, if you search about me when there are general V-A-I-D-Y-A R-A-J Raj Anil, you will see all my innovations are category killers. When I create a product and bring it forth, nobody can make it better in the world. I never bring forth unbaked products and concepts. So the point here is that you have to succeed. Otherwise, that is why I’ve seen people 99.9% succeeding. So let’s hope for the best. So how many, the dosage is the same for the child as less for the attempt. You have to take one liter of water and you have to put four to five to six maximum that you have to play yourself. There is no side effect. And another very important thing I must tell you that anybody who is actually in stress also because of being a family member and caregiver of a person who is suffering from this issue, they should also take one GBA drop in full glass of water after getting up in the morning. And you’ll be surprised to know to find that, you know, their stress level will also go down and they’ll be able to take care of themselves and of the other person very well. They can even take one drop in the morning and one drop one hour after dinner, anytime. Now, another very important concept that I am going to tell you is of butter, good cholesterol, omegas. Do not take those omegas and vitamins. Not quite. No commercial required. In India, we have got ghee. It is clarified butter. You can get it from any Indian store anywhere in the world. We, that is the pure omega, good cholesterol, pure omega. And with our herbs in the GBA gut-brain access, they will trust, they will digest it and assimilate its goodness, including the omegas, onto your brain. So that is most important. See, it could be butter in other countries, but in our case, it is ghee. G-H-E-E, clarified butter. You can get it anywhere. Indians are all over. Indian stores are all over. So make use of it. You can use it to put it into your meal also, or you can have it directly also. So we suggest that, you know, at least one half to one teaspoon full of extra butter, ghee, should enter your body along with our drops. Almonds, if you don’t have ghee or you don’t want it sometimes, you can change almond, pure Indian, Afghanistan almonds, small ones, not the American big ones. They don’t have anything, no nutrients. So the small ones, you can have its oil. Have half teaspoon full of it twice a week or three times a week. So those omegas will be translated onto your brain by our gut-brain access drops by making your correcting your gut. The nutrients are going to reach not commercially imposed stuff. Nothing required. Probiotics, I have already told you. Probiotics is a failed industry. Sooner or later, everybody will understand because the singular, heavily heavy amount of singularly imposed bacteria, singular bacteria, is harmful for that microbiome. And we don’t have… We have the best product in gut, and that too without live bacteria. And it will be reflected in your poop, and ultimately, by the improvement of the mental spectrum issue, the brain.

So, I have covered the gut, I’ve covered the gut-brain access, the blood-brain barrier. Now I’ll tell you the dosage. See, what happens is that anybody who is not taking psychiatric drugs, the dosage is one liter of drinking water with four to six drops. You can always play to be given in five to six doses, that means two hours within 12 hours starting, let’s say, 8 am in the morning, finishing at 8 pm in the evening, or 9 am in the morning, finishing at 7 pm in the evening. But make sure that the person is drinking in front of you and finishing it. If there is more thirst, then other water can also be used, but this water has to be spread out throughout the day in five-six doses or episodes with a couple of hours gap, so that it is spread out. And ghee and butter, anybody who’s taking these psychiatric drugs, then the dosage is from eight to ten drops in one liter of water. Other water can also be given if there’s extra thirst, again spread out in 12 hours.

Now, if in 15, 20, 30 days or within 40 ml, which is around 210 drops, you know, you can always do the calculation, divide it, and find out how many days it’s going to take, the benefit starts. Every number which it does, God willing, you will find that you’ll be happy. The second psychiatric drugs are also going on, but the benefit has crept. Then you just wait for a few days, keep on giving, and then you will see that the benefit will plateau. It won’t rise that much. That means now these psychiatric drugs are playing. They are stopping the benefit. In that case, there are two options. One is you go back to your psychiatrist and request him that kindly taper off the psychiatric drugs because, because of the gut, the things are improving. So he will slowly deepen it up. Don’t stop these psychiatric drugs immediately. They are going to damage the brain. You can stop my product anytime and restart it, but not. You can’t play with the psychiatric drugs. They will, they have got huge withdrawal symptoms, and they will damage the brain even further. Never do that. And even if the psychiatrist tells you this, how to do it slowly, you even do it slower. I’m so afraid because I know, and you may be knowing too. So slowly.

Now, the other advice is off the record, because some people don’t get the appointment. It is off-the-record advice. I’ll tell you what. If somebody is taking injections, because a lot of injections are given, UK, you convert it into tablets first if it’s possible. Otherwise, the strategy is such. What you do, once you see it is all plateaued, this is off the record, my experienced strategy, and that is you skip these psychiatric drugs by one day. This is called rhythmic tapering off. You just skip it by one day. Never skip it by two days. You continue skipping, giving it alternate days for two months. So your body will know the rhythm that the poison, the toxicity, the chemical is going to come every other day. But you will reduce it. That toxicity will be deduced by 50. So once two months finish, then you skip it by another day. That means you take after every two days. The psychiatric drugs, our medicine continues. And then after two months of doing so, you again skip it by one more day. That means three days of skip for another two, three months, two months. And then you may try or again go for four days after two months. Or you may try to stop it. That is the often-called experienced advice that I give to people when sometimes the psychiatrist is not available or for whatever reason.

So I’ve told you about why the brain is doubly protected from top and the bottom and how the Trojan horse theory allows this, you know, mischievously, these toxic psychiatric drugs, which have all signs, to enter your brain and mess it up forever. You understand what I’m saying? So the thing is, so you have, and then I have told you about the gut, brain, excess, and also the nervous system, how the nutrients go and what kind of nutrient we need and all-natural. And now how long it has to be given. My problem now, this is an art. This is not a science. What you do is see, a good gut is required by anybody. Even I take two GBA drops a day, one in the morning, one at night. Or sometimes just one at night. I’m just saying it. So it is not something that somebody can take at a very minimal quantity forever because nowadays food is such, water is such that everything has got chemical and toxicity into it. So we have to protect a gut, especially the person who has already suffered. So the minimum, so the cost becomes very, very less.

And the other way is that once, you know, those things are tapered off, the toxic chemicals, then you continue with the dosage, you know, which is there, the higher one for a couple of months or three months. Once you are satisfied, then you slowly reduce it to save money. That means from eight drops, say for example, to four drops, to three drops, to five drops, and slowly. And then have a minimum because you could also be taking one or two drops a day. So let him also or her also take one or two drops. When allopathic medicine, such toxic, evil medicines can be given for life, why can’t this pure, blissful, godsend natural herbal medicine, which is helping us every day remove toxicity and provide nutrients, digest and assimilate all the nutrients that we eat? All the food that we eat, you know, the nutrients all over the body. So keep that in mind. So when people say, ‘How long will I have to take?’ kindly study this thing, and you will know. I’ve already said it and explained, so you can always reduce it later to a minimum or sometimes, if you don’t want to get fine, you can try that also after a while. And then again, restart a little bit, you know, when you see the gut is getting messed up. Not the brain, but the gut because digestion is also very important. That is gut only. So I hope that I have, you know, I’ve tried my best, you know, to explain everything. English is not my native language, okay, but I think I have. Pardon me if, you know, my accent or anything, you know, you’re already able to understand. Okay, but I take somebody’s help to understand if you don’t. And make the most out of this real product. And again, I’m reminding you that once you benefit from it, you spread it. I don’t know how you do it. You just spread it because I need that help. Otherwise, people are going to be messed up, their brains throughout the world. It’s a global problem, and it is increasing day by day, especially after this coronavirus scare and all. People are too scared, and they get into these wrong psychiatric drugs. So kindly help yourself and help the society. God bless you.

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Video 3 - Psychiatric Drugs New Tapering Off Technique for Schizophrenia ADHD Depression & All Mental Spectrum Cases. This video is Most Important BUT you MUST study Step 4 below in 12 Indian Languages, to get the Latest and Updated Tapering off technique in 'The Ultimate Post'. This video is Not Enough and Not Final. (ENGLISH & HINDI)

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Video 4 - ADHD in Kids (HINDI) Concept to Dosages fully Explained. We Rule the Gut.

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Video 5 - ADHD in Kids (ENGLISH) Concept to Dosages fully Explained. We Rule the Gut.

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Note: This is an Auto-Generated Transcript of the video, so there can be some chance of errors. Read while Keeping this in mind.

Dear parents, this is Vaidyaraj Anil from Delhi, India. Today, I am going to speak about hyperactivity in kids. Along with hyperactivity in kids, there could be other issues that you might find abnormal. Kindly do not worry too much about it and do not look for a quick fix solution because none exists. You can go for speech therapies, occupational therapies, and other classroom counseling therapies, but the main thing that you need to take care of first is the hyperactivity.

See, what happens is that unless the child is sitting at a place, either listening to you or grasping what you are saying, or the teacher or the counselor, everything is going to fail. It is not going to be easy; it will either fail or become very difficult. So, the first and foremost thing is hyperactivity to be controlled, contained, or caught, in code, Quixote.

Now, before we discuss the problem, which everybody knows that there is a problem, let me tell you that hyperactivity, ADHD, and associated brain-mind spectrum issues are not abnormal. These are actually very creative, very productive brains. People like you and me can be productive citizens as we grow up, but let me tell you, these kids who have these brain-mind spectrum issues (and I’m not saying it just to appease you or make you feel comfortable) are more intelligent and creative. They will prove to be more productive than us when they become adults, when they reach their productive age. This has been found out in various researches throughout the world. Many big scientists, many big creative people, they have had this problem. So, God is very kind; nature is very kind. Let me tell you, nature never gives great things without some kind of an issue that could be considered out of the normal and has to be managed well. It’s a benefit-cost ratio. When you get such potential great minds in your family, you have to be smarter, and you have to take care of the child more than other parents. But the end result, let me tell you, is going to be way better than anybody else. I totally know it. See, when we, for example, want to achieve something in life, let me tell you, in the rarest of the rare cases, you get it immediately. Everybody has to struggle; you spend 30 years of life, 40 years of life to build a career maybe. So, nothing comes easy in life. But these geniuses were born as hyperactive kids. They also need your smartness as a family for them to grow and then give the best to society, which will be many times more than any one of us.

Now, there is a catch, and that catch you basically have to understand and manage. Understand and then manage. That catch is hyperactivity. No parent in the world loves to take the child to a psychiatrist or a neurologist or a brain doctor and for them to give some chemical medicine to the child. Everybody knows in this world that these mind/brain medicines, the chemical allopathic medicines given by psychiatrists, even the neurologists, they are toxic to the body of an adult, let alone a small child. Everybody knows that this is not something that is not known. But still, the parents, unfortunately, they have got no other alternative available because that hyperactivity is so intense that other therapies and aspects that are required for the child to be well-managed and become a productive adult are not possible unless the hyperactivity is taken care of. So, they have to compulsorily and compulsively go to a psychiatrist or a counselor or a psychologist. That path can be any path, but ultimately, they will have to go because psychiatry has those tough, toxic, brain-impacting drugs so that hyperactivity becomes less or controllable.

Let me tell you this thing. If you take that medicine, which is given to your child for a month, or maybe less, you should have the courage to give it to yourself first for about a month. And you will come to know their side effects and what exactly how it controls the brain and how exactly you feel from within. You’ll be totally… First of all, you would not try it, attempt it because you know what is truth. And secondly, if you do, you will come to know what a small child is feeling. But again, I am coming to that, that till now, there has been no other alternative. So, unfortunately, the parents have to go and give these drugs, these harsh, chemical drugs of psychiatry or neurology. I don’t know; it could be either of these two.

I don’t care for any drug made out of man-made chemicals, and any drug given to control the brain, let me tell you this point-blank, is going to mess up the brain. Eventually, you will have so many other symptoms that will crop up that ultimately, you’ll be sick, and the doctor will also say that you can’t keep on adding those chemical drugs. So basically, it becomes a very, very bad game. And then what happens is that those psychiatric medicines cannot, firstly, give the side effects. Then they cannot be easily tapered off because of withdrawal symptoms. So it is a double whammy. Your child kind of gets stuck to it. So, Vaidyaraj Anil Dogra, I call myself the gut microbiome guru, and not for nothing, has a real alternative with God’s grace. And that too, a very quick one, and without any side effects. The best part is that I tell parents to take the medicine in water, in the same or even double the dosage that you give to your child for a day, for a week, ten days, a month. And you will yourself come to know that it has got no side effect. It’s a herbal water, you could call it. We call it the helper herbal drops. We call them the gut brain access drops, GBA drops. That is what we call them. And once you take them yourself in the same or double the dosage, mind you, you will find that it has only good effects. Your gut, which means your large intestine, the bacteria, the gut microbiome, is going to become so balanced that your digestion is going to improve like anything. You will feel that within three, four days. And then you can continue. And once you are totally satisfied that the medicine only has good effects, then you give it to your child. You understand yourself. This is the beauty of a good medicine. A good medicine is something which, even if given to a person with a health issue, either contains it or cures it. And if the same medicine is given to a healthy person, he remains healthy or becomes more healthy. And that is what these drops, the GBA drops, created by me, handmade by me, by my family, they do. Everybody in this world who has lived here for 10 years or more has got an imbalanced gut. Gut basically means it’s a slang American slang word. And it basically means it comprises of the liver, the gallbladder, and the small intestine and the large intestine, especially the last six or seven feet of the colon. Understand which we call colon. And gut microbiome is the hundred trillion bacteria that resides. 98% of these hundred trillion that reside in the colon. And the rest, you know, they reside in the small intestine right from the mouth, you know, the whole system, you know. So, these bacteria, they comprise, and we call them microbiome when they are balanced. The good bacteria’s gut in code amount to around 85% according to various researches. And the bad bacteria, which also are very, very essential because lots of them create certain extracts which are very, very important for the body. But they have to be contained in till 15%. Approximately, then we call it a balanced gut microbiome. But because of the whole environment that has become toxic, doctors toxic, because people are taking lots of drugs, you know, for so-called lifestyle diseases, let’s say diabetes, diabetic medicines, thyroid medicines, high blood pressure medicines, even acidity medicine, you name it. Nowadays, you know, there are too many, and everybody knows, because of this, the internal body gets polluted, and because of bad air, water, vegetables, so much of pesticides, insecticides, preservatives, all these, and you can’t basically, there is no escape. All this toxicity creates a bad gut microbiome and imbalanced gut microbiome within us, everybody. So, these drops, the GBA drops, when you take it yourself first, instead of giving it to your child, is going to make your gut microbiome balanced. And our website is pooppeoples.com. Pooppeoples.com. And you peep at your poop, and you will come to know, and obviously, you’ll be feeling, you know, it becomes way better. It will reach the type 4 stage. This is a chart called Bristol chart, a poop chart. You can get it on Google. And the best poop is type 4. And mind you, you are going to love it yourself. So, it is so safe. Not only safe, but actually very good. It is the only product in the world. And when I say in the world, I mean to say America, Japan, Singapore, you name it, China, and India, that balances your gut. And that is reflected in your poop, your digestion. And now I am coming to the next thing. And that is, the gut is a second brain. And how is the gut? The poop defines the gut. And the gut is the brain. So, basically, your poop or your child’s poop defines the condition of his or her brain. There lies the key to health care, to the healthy brain. Keep that in mind. Any kind of brain issue, any kind which is tackled by a psychiatrist or a neurologist, can way better be maintained or managed or even cured by loosening your gut with the help of GBA drops, let alone hyperactivity. That is the foremost when it comes to the kids who have this problem because once they settle down with a natural product, then other therapies can come along, the guidance of the parents and counselors and the teachers. And it will be so easy, or very easy for you to help your child grow and then be productive to the society, to the family, to the society, into the nation and world at large because these kids are way more precious than normal kids. The brain activity is so intense and so good that they can do marvels in this world if you allow them to grow without any chemical drugs, especially of the plane so that they don’t have the same. Otherwise, this process, this growing up process of life is going to get curtailed as far as the brain goes and the brain becomes very, very messed up. And that is very essential for them to grow, for themselves and for the family and society. Nowadays, people are giving probiotics. I’ve seen that lots of people all over the world, they are scared of the results already because psychiatry, in this case of these kids, has ruined so many lives, millions of lives of the kids all over the world that the next parent is now scared and is looking for an alternative. And at present, the alternative they are basically trying to understand is the probiotics which are available anywhere in the world. Probiotics essentially mean that they have billions of bacteria in that small bottle, which has to be maintained at a certain temperature because the bacteria is going to die otherwise. And those billions of singular bacteria, one or two bacteria, maximum one, one or two maximum, they are given orally to the child. And let me tell you that the research has already come and we have a cutting of that, and you can search it on the internet that it has been found already that giving a singular bacteria in large quantity on a daily basis has got side effects. It will create even other issues for the gut, which will be very difficult to handle later on. And our herbal GBA drops, made out of banyan tree extract, have no big deal, so they don’t have to be chilled or they have to be at a certain temperature because the bacteria is not there. What it does is that with her bell antibiotic properties, which has got no side effects, it kills the bad bacteria in the gut to the extent that the gut microbiome becomes balanced. And that is reflected in your improved digestion and the poop. Now, I am going to state a very important thing. You mothers, you know it, and I’m just reconfirming it to you that if you start beeping the poop of your child, you will see that it’s not a normal poop. And you can relate it with the Google search, those Bristol charts and everything else. Our poop is 60 to 80% bacteria. So the gut microbiome, how is your gut or the gut microbe, and is reflected in your poop. So that is why the name of my website is pooppeoples.com. So every mother has to become a poop people for the child. What you will see is, and the mothers already know it, that without knowing, let me tell you, every hyperactive child has got a digestion problem. Everyone. In some of the cases, the poop does not come out even in one day, two days, three days. And if it comes out, the color, the smells, so many things, so many issues are there. So there lies the key. Their gut microbiome is imbalanced. Got it? As their poop improves, as the gut gets balanced with the gut-brain access GBA drops of ours, Vaidyaraj Anil.

You will see the poop, the digestion getting better, and simultaneously, their hyperactivity getting controlled and improving. The other aspects of the child, with age therapies and guidance, everything is going to improve, and that child is going to become a genius. The probability of finding geniuses who are going to help our country and the world is way more among these hyperactive kids than among us normal kids. Imagine, now when you give these drops, you will see that, in certain cases, a lot of smelly farts are going to come out. Don’t worry, it could happen with you as well as with the child because slowly, slowly, the gut is getting balanced. As the digestion and the poop get better, this smelly air is going to become better. That also is an indication that your child’s gut is getting better, yours as well. If you are taking it along with or before the child, and slowly, slowly, the child’s hyperactivity is going to be managed. It would become very easy. Isn’t it great? I, myself, am so happy that God could help me create such a thing, and I have helped many parents already. The unfortunate part is that we can’t create videos and everything. We can ask them, but we cannot because it’s a matter of child and the society in so many things, which is okay. But the thing is that there are many parents that we can give you their cell numbers also, and you can talk to them about what improvement in hyperactivity they could find in their child once their gut got balanced. You can send us a WhatsApp message, just say ADHD drops or GBA drops onto the cell number, which is given in the title of this video. Just text it, just text it using WhatsApp only, and we’ll send you the write-up, and this video, plus other videos, and the write-up will tell you exactly the dosages of these drops for yourself, for the child, and how to get the medicine via courier. And if somebody wants to meet, then they are most welcome, but by appointment. So, my dear parents, I hope you have understood. Another thing, you know, I have forgotten. What you do is you go to YouTube, search and put “gut microbiome and ADHD” in the search. You will find many Harvard, Yale, TEDx lectures where various scientists will tell you the connection between the gut and the brain. It is also called the gut-brain axis. And you can put “gut-brain axis” also in the YouTube search, and you’ll find those videos. So, you confirm what I am saying with those videos. The concept and the solution are only with me. God has chosen me. You could say that I feel very happy. I take care of so many diseases, in fact, so many different kinds, every kind of disease. But I’m most excited about this ADHD hyperactive case. Why? Because if we save these kids, and my guidance can help them grow to the adult age, to the productive age, let me tell you, they are going to be so great, creative, and wise for the society that the society is going to benefit so much out of them. And that is the excitement and the mission that I work with. Now, in those videos of Harvard and Yale, you know, in the YouTube search, TEDx lectures, you will find that. Okay, there is another thing that you can put, you know, in research. That is the blood-brain barrier and gut microbiome. So there are three things. One is gut microbiome and ADHD, the other is gut microbiome and gut brain axis, and the third is blood-brain barrier and gut microbiome. God is so kind, it’s so great, Mother Nature. God does not want anybody to play with this brain right here. Because of that, God has put a skull, you know, around it, so that nothing can damage from the outside, from the above. And it has got a magical blood-brain barrier underneath it. Now, what does this blood-brain barrier do? Let’s say if there is an infection anywhere in the body, the blood-brain barrier is going to try its level best not to allow this infection to enter the brain. So that means the brain is doubly protected. One is from the outside, the skull, and from the inside, by the blood-brain barrier. Such a beautiful, magical engineering marvel, the imaginary blood-brain barrier. But it is there, otherwise, if somebody has got an infection here, they think that reaches, you know, every now and then, you know, into the brain. The whole world would have gone mad. The brain would have just, you know, gone infected, you know, and become messed up, but it doesn’t happen. Now, this blood-brain barrier has also a direct link with the gut. If the gut is bad, the blood-brain barrier becomes weaker, and it is not able to perform its duty well. And because of that, also, lots of issues happen in the brain. Now, these pharmaceutical industry people who create these chemical medicines for the brain, for OCD, ADHD, you name it, depression, whatever, these drugs, what they do is that they camouflage. They use the Trojan horse theory. They have a Trojan horse, a technical one, in those tablets. They put their chemical molecules within the Trojan horse in order to fool the blood-brain barrier so that they are able to enter their chemical medicines into your brain, which actually is not allowed by Mother Nature. So imagine, why does not allow? Because the brain is the only organ in the body which is least understood and shall remain understood by the best of human beings of scientists in the world. It’s a no-go area, you understand what I’m saying? So imagine if some chemical is entering, but who’d be fooling your blood-brain barrier into your brain of your child or your adult person, doesn’t matter, it’s all the same. It is like throwing shooting arrows into the dark, and imagine the kinds of side effects and nests of issues of the brain they happen because of these drugs because they’re not allowed. So what God has done is that it has connected the brain via the vagus nerve, the superhighway of the nerves, vagus nerve, which is connected to the gut. So they talk, so what Mother Nature wants is that when you want to fix this brain, you fix your gut, and I will fix the Mother Nature will fix your brain automatically. This is the marvel, this is the engineering of Mother Nature, God. They don’t want you to touch here through the vagus nerves and other nerves, which are essentially during the colon, directly connected, you know, perfectly to our brain. It is going to take care of it. Got it? It’s so exciting, it’s so good. We can save so many lives. Please share this video. Generally, I don’t tell people to share videos, but let me tell you, kindly share this video throughout the world so that we are able to help these small kids to go big without any chemical drugs, without getting messed up, and become great creators and producers and serve the society themselves and the family and the society at large, more productive than anybody else. Plus, help other people who are suffering from all these mental and brainy issues and taking these harsh chemical medicines which once saved them, somebody’s on to them, and once the gut becomes better and they start benefiting out of it, and other people should help them understand. Because lots of people who are taking these chemical medicines and would not be able to comprehend what I’m saying, I know for a fact. So, your loved ones should help them. And once their gut becomes better, then go to the psychiatrist or the neurologist who put them into those chemical drugs and ask them, request them to slowly, slowly taper them off because they know how to do it if they know, or they can start creating that knowledge base from the pharmaceutical company as to how to taper them off once the gut becomes better and the brain gets better. Then how to do? Because the best benefit ultimately is going to come once those brain medicines are totally tapered off and the person’s gut remains better. I hope I have explained, you know, because I generally talk extemporaneously, so I hope I have covered you know, let me check, you know, all the issues. Only the counseling is good, a psychologist or a parent or a teacher or a psychiatrist, but no drugs should be taken. The chemical drugs are talking about it. Yeah, I almost covered everything. And God bless you. God bless your child. And let’s work and help everybody. God bless. Thank you. Jai Mata Di.

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Note :- The Schizophrenia Video Advise Above is Same for All Mental Health Issues, including ADHD for 15 years of age or above.


ASD / Autism with ADHD :

ASD / Autism or Autistic Spectrum Disorder has no ‘Cure’ or ‘Treatment’ in Psychiatric or Chemical Based Drugs. Thank God for this. Hope they have Mercy & Never offer it in future.

Wish it were the same for ADHD Kids – innumerable valuable lives would have been Saved !

IF the ASD Kid has ADHD or is a Hyper Kid then Study Vaidyaraj Anil’s Video on ADHD & FOLLOW & Implement the ULTIMATE POST below.

If ASD Kid is suffering with CHRONIC CONSTIPATION alone OR has Severe Constipation with ADHD then we Need to treat & Cure Constipation first. Upto 4 years of age Kid add 4 Gba Drops in say half litre of water or more and give it as a Spread throughout the day, so it finishes in 8 to 12 hours in a day everyday. Above 4 years of age make it 6 Gba Drops. Let the Child eat and Drink anything. Add a little extra Desi Ghee ( Indian Clarified Butter in any food form ) or Any butter extra per day. Once the Constipation is Corrected then ADHD Protocol Starts as in the Ultimate Post below or if No ADHD then give 2 Gba Drops in half litre of water throughout life. This shall help the Child grow out of many other ASD Issues.


Additional Advise :
Individuals struggling with Mental Health Challenges, often find Solace and Excel in artistic pursuits, such as theatre, music, painting and dancing. Encouraging parents to enroll them in Art Classes not only nurtures their hobbies but also provide a potential pathway to a fulfilling profession in the future.

Step 3 - Click & Study Vaidyaraj Anil's Times Of India Article below, for All Mental Spectrum issues :

Validates Schizophrenia ADHD Gut Axis: Offers To Redefine Mental Healthcare Through Gut


The Ultimate Post is like your Holy Book that you Need to Implement & Ultimately Cure Yourself or Your Loved one of Any Mental Spectrum Issue, irrespective of the Diagnosis – with Vaidyaraj Anil’s Gba Drops using the Power of your own Gut.


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Step 5 - A MUST LISTEN Audio for all Caregivers.

The Audio Below is a MUST LISTEN for all Caregivers. There are practical tips that a Mother used while giving GbA Drops to her young son. He is fine now. You MUST FOLLOW her advise to Succeed. We Do Not ask any Client to give us a Video for obvious reasons. It’s So Nice & Helpful that this lady has sent an Audio to help you all. If you guys have any other tips that led you to success & can help others, Do Send an Audio to me.

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Note: This is an Auto-Generated Transcript of the audio, so there can be some chance of errors. Read while Keeping this in mind.

Dear parents, caregivers and fellow beings. Hi.

I’m also a mom to a young boy, and by the grace of God, I have learned a lot about mental health issues. And it’s not easy to get rid of all the side effects, all the symptoms of mental health issues. It’s really not easy. And it’s not a piece of cake, and there’s no treatment or there’s no cure or treatment and there’s no cure to it. Now, Allopathy has no cure to it. I have tried all. I’ve tried homeopathy. I’ve tried allopathy. Allopathy just suppresses the symptoms, but it doesn’t cure the root cause.

And then I got to meet with Vaidyalal Ji through his website. I contacted him on the phone, and he discussed. He said that it is all mental spectrum. It is all everything is the same. The issue is in God, and I was convinced the science was very clear. So when I joined him, I was really panicked. I had, I was clueless, I wanted my son to live a normal, healthy life like everybody else. I gave these drops. A gut-brain axis drops to my son, and in two months I saw lots of lots of changes. Positive changes. by the grace of God, my son is intelligent. And everyone who knows that they’ve been their child, son or daughter, they are stabilized. They are in good state of mind. You’ll find that they are more intelligent than anybody else. But we missed that. We missed, you know, that our child is really so precious, intelligent because all we see is the other sides. We can’t deal with the other side of the intelligent brain. Drops gave me lots of hope, lots of happiness and care to my son. And I’m still giving those drops. In fact, my son is very happily taking these drops, and he himself carries a bottle, puts the drops in the bottle, and he says, I’ll take care of it, mom. And I’ll continue having it, even if I’m taking two drops a day or three drops a day in life, I’ll take it because I really feel good about it. So he has faith in it. Faith is the number one point. Faith. Because if you don’t have faith in anything, you won’t be benefited from it. Then. Then the main important factor is that my son has faith in it and he got faith in it. When I started having faith in it, I also learned that besides giving drops, there are lots of things we make mistakes in the tapering of the medicines. I also made a mistake of tapering the medicines very fast. Touchwood. I started going very slow then when it relapsed and I touchwood. It is going good now. And the mistakes we make about tapering very fast. Second thing is that we don’t get involved with a child. We don’t as a parent. We don’t have time to sit with a child to understand them, to know what is the cause, what is the root cause, what is what has trouble them, that they are into this situation. Now, basically, the gentle souls, the beautiful souls, the pure souls tend to have this kind of thing more than the headstrong people. Headstrong people get away with anything in life. They don’t feel guilty, victimized on small little things but the gentle souls. Their sense more. They are very sensitive to each and every reaction of others, and they tend to absorb things which they are not supposed to. The negativity from relatives, from friends, bullying, from other, you know, students, school students or in the campus. So maybe there is something which they have felt in the school. Mostly many things happen in the school, and we never come to know because our introvert introvert child would never speak. He will not say any a word or two words. What has happened with them? They keep it to themselves. Sometimes they think that they are destined to receive all such negativity from other people because they are supposed to be like that. As they grow up. When hormonal hormones fluctuate, when hormonal disturbances or hormones in their teenage activate, they cannot handle lots of things. And hence many times you will notice that your child, the children are affected, they are attacked with psychosis or any such things that come up when they are 17 or 18 in the puberty because hormones are totally changing.

See, I am not a doctor. I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist. But as a mother, I have understood whatever I have understood, I am just sharing with you. Apart from the drops. Apart from. The understanding of the child. We have to. As a parent, we have to. Step by step by step, daily. One step. We have to understand what they have gone through in the past. And along with that, we have to remove those obstacles they are having in their mind. Remove them. Open the knots. Every incident has become a knot in their mind. We have to open those knots and how we will open it will talk to them. A very sensible person is to talk to them, even if it is a consultant or it’s a mother or a father. Whoever is a sensible person in the family who takes time out daily, half an hour or one hour to talk to the person, to the patient. Talking therapy makes lots of difference. Third point is meditation. Meditation also helps a lot. Meditation is only about deep breathing for 15 minutes. Start with five minutes and extend it up to 15 minutes. Morning and evening. This is enough. When you deep breath, your vagus nerve is activated so you have to breathe till your navel. You will see lots of difference in your child if he is doing it 5 to 10 minutes daily or 15 minutes maximum. You will see visible difference in your child in the next 15 to 20 days, but it has to be done daily. Or there’s another method is walking 45 minutes to 1 hour. Walking is compulsory maybe in the morning six, two, seven, 5 to 6, 6 to 7 or 7 to 8 in the morning, or 4 to 5, 5 to 6 p.m. in the evening, whatever suits one’s schedule. If the child is not in condition to go outside alone, a parent must accompany them. Someone, a caregiver must accompany them. So basically it’s about training of the mind, training of the body and balancing it out. It’s about mind, body and soul. So lots of things are external factors which we have to take care as a parent or caregiver. The thing which we are going through, not everyone is going through it. When this happened to my child, I was like, why me? What is this? I have not seen it in my relatives, all my relatives and all my friends circle. No one has this by me. But when I got to meet with Mr. Vaidyalal Ji and I came to know that lots of lots of parents are going through this. So it’s not only me. There are many people who are facing this trauma, this emotional trauma, and we have to come out of it. And when we I see parents who are suffering, who I feel them because I have been there and I have felt that and I have come out of it and I want everyone to come out of it. If I if my words are helpful to you, yes, they are helpful only if you implement. I have not prepared this speech. I’m just speaking it out randomly. I’m speaking it instantly impromptu because I want to be just like, you know, as a friend. I don’t want to make it up. I just want to speak as it comes. So these factors are very important. As I have said about exercising meditation, healthy eating is also important. Talk therapy and don’t taper the medicines very quick. Please don’t taper it just for the sake of tapering it. Yes, the first taper was successful. Second taper was successful 30 per be successful. No take time. This is allopathic medicines. This is not a joke because lots of things are happening inside our body. We are not aware of it. There is no scan machine. There is no MRI machine to know what is happening in your brain, even in anybody’s brain. So how do we know that this is the time to taper the medicine and then the consequences are there. So since every case is different, I had known a person whose child was cured in six months because he got this issue in one month. He contacted an Vaidyalal Ji for the drops and his issue was resolved in six months. So every case is different. Those cases which are long, like 5 to 6 years old or 1010 years older, they might take some time. So those who love their children, those who are not like they, I can’t live happily and my child is suffering. So those who want to bring their children, bring out the happiness, bring their children out of this. They will definitely look after the child first, look after the child’s happiness in life first, and then they will start living their own lives too. So the parents who love their children will not miss these things. Because if you are choosing one, you are affected. Your child is affected. So you have to. The problem is there. Many people have different different kinds of problems. We have problems in mental. Some people have physical issues. There are many people who have disabled children and they take care of their disabled children. They move with the wheelchair, they go to malls, movies with a child on wheelchair. So if they can do it, why can’t we? The only thing is that we have to be smarter. We have to know. We have to be intelligent. We have to know when and where, what has to be done. This is all I have felt and experienced and I wanted to share with you. I just want to share my experiences, and I hope that you will try to incorporate these things in your child’s life and yourself too. Meditation is good for you too. If a mother heals, her child will heal. Sometimes mothers carry the generational trauma from their from their ancestors to their child. Yes, I had this. I had a trauma which I carried forward to my child, and it is very easy to transfer such things. It is all about genes. Our child is born with specific features facial features. They look, they look, look, look like their parents, their grandparents, their aunts, their uncles. So they might carry such genes also. So it is a generational it could be a generational trauma. So we also have to heal as a parent. We have to. We can’t easily let go. But we can talk about the traumas and we can.

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