Schizophrenia ASD ADHD

All Mental Health Issues


Schizophrenia ASD ADHD

All Mental Health Issues

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Gut has the Guts to Cure Brain & All Mental Health Issues :

Our Brain is a Very Advanced Web of Multi-Dimensional, Multi-faceted, Multi-focused, Multi-Channeled Mechanism, which if Disturbed in One Part – Can lead to a Chain Reaction of the Whole Thing Collapsing.

Then the Only Option left is Not to Revive it, but to Suppress it, and to Slow it Down.
We are Unable to link the Trigger for the Chain Reaction that leads to the Whole Circuitry, not really Malfunctioning, but functioning ‘Out of Sync’ or Adjusting & Adapting to the New Paradigms and new Algorithms, which are Way Beyond Us & Evolutionary.

Hence ‘What We Know’ or the ‘Little We Know’ becomes the Standard, and Anything Other or Beyond becomes a ‘Mal-function’ – so we tend to bring it back to the ‘Currently Assumed Normal’, which we Effectively Cannot, & hence the Slow Down & then the Shut Down Starts.

Rather than this Approach, let Us Apply the Knowledge We Have to the Periphery of the Brain – the Gut.

Gut has its Own Neural Network of a 100 million Nerves. It is Second Brain – it Instantly Connects to the Brain Stem Cells, through the Vagus Nerve.
Gut Produces & Feeds the Majority of Dopamine & Serotonin to the Brain.

We let the Gut Drive & Contain the Brain & its different Manifestations.

Our Gut Brain Axis ( GBA ) Drops Attempt & Remarkably Succeed in doing just that.

Why the GBA Drops for the Gut & the Brain ? Why Not the Existing Probiotics ?

Probiotics have a Singular or Dual ‘Live’ Bacteria. Multi Billions of these Bacteria are Artificially Super-Imposed on to the Gut Microbiome.

These Bacteria are Identified & Selected for a Particular function.
There Could be Many Others, for the Same Purpose.

The Relationship between the Ones Super-imposed via Probiotics, and the Ones Pre-existing, is a Big Unknown.

The Quantity of a Singular Bacteria is getting Unidirectionaly Skewed Up. The Repercussions again, are a Big Unknown.
The Research published, indicate that this Overwhelming Imposition, leads to Many Adverse Effects, in the Medium to Long term.

Let us give a little Background to the Uniqueness of the GBA Drops :

As an example, the Turmeric & the Black Pepper are Known, age old Herbal Antibiotics.
Intake of Turmeric or Black Pepper, in Small Quantities Regularly, is Very Helpful, & this is a Widely Accepted Historical Truth.

Antibiotic Property & Effectiveness of the Turmeric & the Black Pepper, has always Remained the same, for Ages.

Parallely though, the Pathogenic Bacteria have become Antibiotic Resistant to all Chemical Based Antibiotics.

The Chemical Based Antibiotics have become Worthless, Impotent & infact Harmful, with time, due to the Concept Called the AMR or Anti Microbial Resistance.

This is because the Natural Herbal Antibiotics like the Turmeric & the Black Pepper, come with a Complex Natural Biome, which is Impossible to decipher by the Bacteria.

And, the Pharma based Chemical Antibiotics, have just One or two Active Ingredients, which can easily be understood / deciphered by these Bugs, and they develop Resistance against these Antibiotics.

The Manmade Chemical based Antibiotics, thus become useless, as time passes. The Antibiotic Resistant Bugs are called the Super Bugs.

The Gut Brain Axis Drops are Herbal, Natural, No Side Effects – the Superbug Busters.

The Gut Brain Axis is the potent extract out of our Herbal Antibiotic called the God Skin Lotion, that is Made using Parts of the Banyan Tree.

It is Certified to Kill the Most threatening SuperBugs – hitherto Invincible Against all existing Antibiotics – with No Side Effects.

The Bioefficacy Test Certificates :

The GBA Drops – Select & Kill the Bad Bugs in the Gut, Most Naturally.

Since GBA Drops are 100 % Herbal & Natural, they are in a Unique Position to Create a Optimal Balance within the Gut.

Thus, the Uniqueness of GBA Drops Against Probiotics :