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Vaidyaraj Anil's Article on Diabetes, HBP, Thyroid, Cholesterol & other Life-style Diseases

Vaidyaraj Anil says, "Diabetes, Thyroid, High BP, Cholesterol are Not Diseases. These are Symptoms of an Imbalanced Gut. Do Not Get 'Recruited'."

“Mincing words would be unjust. Diabetic Drugs mess up the natural body functions, dangerously. Bigger health issues get created, with time. All the Negative impact is safely blamed on you, your life-style & diabetes”, says Vaidyaraj Anil of POOPpeepers.com


To make it easier to read and not overwhelming due to its length, we’re breaking this post into several sections below. You can simply click on the headings to explore each part.

Thyroid in women & diabetes in men, laid the foundation of what we know as the BigPharma, today.

These & other life-style issues like HBP/ Hypertension, Cholesterol, all have their roots in an Imbalanced Gut. We mess up the Gut further, with the toxic pills on a daily basis, just so our body parameters, fall within their self-stipulated levels, that too could change, anytime.

Diabetic drugs play with our liver, pancreas, kidneys & intestines and eventually create erratic blood pressures, kidney & liver failures, heart attacks & innumerable health issues. Each escalated issue has its own pill that messes up the Gut further in multiple proportions, & make our lives miserable.

Human body has a complex working system within, and is an ‘engineering marvel’.

So much so that, a Harvard student in present times, may very well get a Ph.D. by replicating just a couple of human functions within a project.

Innumerable such Ph.Ds exist within a human body, for all times to come.

The Creator of such excellence, would be foolish not to design its ‘Remedial’ Systems, simple & easy to work with.

Would such a Creator make its ‘Remedial Systems’ design so complex, that one would need a billion dollar medicine, huge & costly equipment & state of the art hospital to fix it. Absolutely Not. It is a pity that a 100 years old Western medical system, has been able to befool us into thinking, just that.

ONLY Our GUT interacts with Outside World. Elsewhere, it is NO ENTRY. Gut Microbes Decide for the Rest of the Body within :

IT IS A FACT that any thing we Eat or Drink, including Medicines, do not touch any ‘vital’ Human organ directly, except The Gut.

Specifically, these Do Not Touch Liver, Pancreas & Kidneys which majorly represent the basis of a Diabetic drug design.

Our INTAKE, is in DIRECT TOUCH with our GUT ALONE, right from within our Mouth, down through the food pipe, on to the Stomach, and moving forward Into the Small intestine & then finally to our Colon. This route known as our Alimentary canal has trillions of live bugs or bacterias that work upon our intake, continuously.

98 percent of these microbes reside in our five foot long colon or Gut and are collectively called the Gut Microbiome.

Liver & Pancreas play supporting roles to our Gut, with their hormonal inputs of Bile & Insulin, respectively.

Required amounts of these vital inputs gets ‘magically’ pre-determined, as soon as one ‘looks’ at the ‘intake’ by an almost instantaneous coordination between our Brain and the Gut, and this is called the Gut-Brain-Axis (GBA) Concept.

The GBA Concept is also due to the fact that the Genetic Code of our Gut Microbiome is way too powerful than that of our Brain, and our ‘Decisions’ literally are ‘Dictated’ by our Gut, which is called our ‘Second Brain’.

The Gut microbiome also works upon our ‘intake’ and produces ‘meals’ or ‘nutrients’ and distributes them via blood, to all our body cells and organs.

The microbes of the Gut microbiome have the ‘wisdom’ of a million years. Every human has had a mother with a Gut, who in turn had a mother with a Gut and so on, till the beginning of times. These ‘Ancestral ‘ and Self-acquired microbes in our Gut, have a genetic code ( read wisdom) of 20 to 40 million genes. The Human genetic code dwarfs in comparision, with just 20 to 30 thousand genes.

The ‘Magical’ human body is designed to rely ONLY on the wisdom of these ‘Wise Guy’, our Gut Microbes, for dealing with the Outside World.

Diabetes is a Lock & Key Game. Gut creates Glucose from food. Glucose is supposed to enter every Cell of the human body to provide Energy, via Blood, and get consumed.

To do so, ‘Cell’ needs to be ‘Unlocked’ by a key called insulin, produced by Pancreas.

When ‘fat’ clogs the key-holes in the cells to be ‘Unlocked’ , it is called the Insulin Resistance, and the Glucose is left stranded in the blood. Also when the Pancreas would produce less keys ( read insulin ), the Glucose is again left floating in the blood. In both the scenarios the Glucose level rises in the Blood, and it is called Diabetes.

The Cells in Foot, Eyes & Kidneys do not need ‘Unlocking’, and the excessive Glucose goes-in unabated, and slowly destroys them. This is known as Diabetic Neuropathy, Diabetic Retinopathy & Diabetic Nephropathy respectively.

In the frequently propounded Story above, the role of liver is conveniently ignored.

Liver, the second largest organ of the human body after skin, has the essential task to regulate the Glucose levels in the blood.

If there is much Glucose in the blood, the liver acts to Store the ‘extra’ within it, as Glycogen. When there is less Glucose in the blood, the liver converts the stored Glycogen back to Glucose, and releases it into the Blood.

All man-made chemicals drugs are toxic for the human Gut, and it is its essential task, to eliminate them all from the human body. Liver and Kidneys too share in this elimination task.

Like every drug, the Diabetes Drugs change the Gut microbiome to make an impact, that proves negative with time. With daily dosages, the Gut becomes chronically dysbiotic and leads to weakened leaky gut lining, resulting in inflammations. Liver & the Kidneys weaken too eliminating continuous drug toxicity, that gets accummulated within, hurting the organs further. One must study the Research Papers & Lectures on the Net, regarding the Gut-Liver-Axis, Gut-Kidney-Axis & the Gut-Pancreatic Axis to understand the gut link & its impact.

All categories of Diabetic Drugs offer nothing to strengthen Liver or Gut, the two essential elements that can naturally help balance the Blood Sugar levels, as detailed above.

Except herbal, no chemical based drug can ever be made to support Liver or Gut. Period.

It is Simple, when you do not have a Medicine for something, why talk about it

The available categories of Diabetic drugs target a Decrease in HGP or the Hepatic Glucose Production, by manipulating the Liver to perform against its nature. Some ‘play’ to increase GLP1, a Gut Hormone to stimulate Beta cells in Pancreas to ‘manipulate’ the release of insulin, and some act to artificially Decrease the ‘Pancreatic Glucagen’ release, so that the Liver ‘misses’ the ‘signal’ to release Glucose by reconverting its stored Glycogen. A few target the Kidneys to release Glucose through urine, against their very nature to reabsorb Glucose, and there are others that ‘play’ with the Gut microbes to artificially delay Carbohydrate Absorption, and to compulsively increase ‘Satiety’ by creating a ‘false’ scenario to let your Gut lie to your Brain. The manipulations of insulin leads to erratic blood pressures. The combination of a couple of diabetic and HBP drugs alongwith cholesterol statins, mutiplies the side-effects to a ‘time bomb’ kind of situation. Tougher biosimilar drugs & injectibles are on the anvil, that identify and target a ‘gene’ or a ‘protein’ as a culprit, and escalate to the worst situation, sooner.

The Recombinant ‘Human’ Insulin is not ‘Human’. It is genetically engineered by introducing an insulin gene into the E. Coli bacteria.

It is a fact, that the Kidney & the UTI infections amongst Diabetics are led by the E.Coli pathogen. We claim no connection, but as per the Published Research Paper ISSN : 2377-3634 the Recombinant Insulin acts as a Stimulating agent proliferating E.Coli infection amongst the diabetics :

Click at : Insulin Acts as Stimulatory Agent in Diabetes-Related Escherichia Coli Pathogenesis

It is a pity, that for decades already, all this PLAY & MANIPULATION by Oral Diabetic Drugs & the Recombinant Insulin is being offered to Millions, just because ‘Someone’ is NOT WILLING to address the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, which is OUR GUT.

Vaidyaraj Anil’s Gba Drops are FSSAI Licensed Herbal Nutraceuticals made using the Banyan Tree Extract, with No Live Bacteria.

The mother tincture these are made from, is Certified to Neutralize the Toughest of Superbugs. The Corresponding Bioefficacy Test Certificates are posted on the website POOPpeepers.com .

This Fundamental Discovery makes it possible for the Gba drops to Naturally Select & De-select the Bugs, without the Super-imposition of ‘Billions’ of external Bacteria, or a ‘Human play’.

Its effectiveness in balancing the Gut Microbiome is Proven by Evidence, in the improved ‘Poop Type’, as per the Bristol Stool Charts.

Our Gut does it all for us. To know what all Gba drops can do via Gut, study POOPpeepers.com thoroughly.

Refer our video on Diabetes & all life-style ailments, including all chronic kidney & liver issues.

God Shall Help You Succeed.

- Vaidyaraj Anil